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Although many readers already are well aware of the tremendous compassion various business establishments have shown to our family, as well as the tremendous support they have provided to Amanda’s scholarship fund through donations, fundraisers, and providing goods and services, some readers may not know of all the good works and generous donations that have come from particular businesses.

Subway-contour_LOGOLisa and Chuck Perrecone, they have restaurants conveniently located in Leucadia and Carlsbad.

The Perrecones have been family friends for years and Amanda took private field hockey lessons from their daughter, Danielle, in the years when Amanda was playing field hockey (before she found her absolute passion for running).   Their Subway stores have been a frequent destination of our entire family whenever we were looking for a great sandwich.

Just to name a few of the wonderful ways the Perrecones Subway stores have supported not only the Amanda Post Scholarship Fund, but also Derek Thomas’s recovery, let us tell you about their latest two donations.  Shortly after Derek returned to San Diego and was still at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas, their Subway store right across the street from Scripps Encinitas on Santa Fe Ave. sent over one of their six foot sandwiches with all the “fixin’s”, and two huge “vegie” only sandwiches, along with a generous supply of cookies for the regular “Thursday night dinner” we had been having for Derek’s sisters over the months while Derek was in the hospital in LA. Once Derek was settled in Scripps, we decided to move the dinner over to the hospital courtyard so that Derek and his sisters, and all of his sisters’ girl friends could have dinner with Derek.  All of the food was donated by their Subway store.  Most recently, their Subway stores have provided the lunches for all the golfers in the last five Amanda Post Memorial Golf Tournaments at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club.

So, please be sure to patronize any one of the Perrecone’s Subway stores at any of their locations described above frequently, and when you’re there please be sure to tell the manager of the Subway store how much you appreciate all they have done to support Derek’s recovery and Amanda’s scholarship fund, as well as the entire Post family.

Capital Bank, Encinitas BranchCAPITAL BANK — Mary Purviance, Senior Vice President & Branch Manager of the Encinitas branch office, is the consummate conscientious banker who focuses on customer service and customer satisfaction. Capital Bank, established in May of 1974, provides comprehensive banking service for individuals and companies, as well commercial loans for businesses, and has received the highest rankings for sound banking practices and strong financial integrity. For those who have known Mary for as many years as we have, know that she goes out of her way, both professionally and personally, to help others. She’s always been at the forefront of community activities, not only with charitable endeavors, but also as a part of business groups. Mary represents Capital Bank in the largest business-professional networking group in North County, i.e. the North Coast Business Group; she’s served on numerous committees for the YMCA in Encinitas; and she’s actively involved with Care House and with the Encinitas Rotary Club—- to name but a few of the organizations she works with besides the Amanda Post Foundation.

For further information about Capital Bank go to: www.mycapitalbank.com

leucadia_ pizza_logoLeucadia Pizzeria, owned by Chip and Linda Conover.   For those of us who frequent Leucadia Pizzeria we already know that they have incredibly delicious food at very reasonable prices and their staff and employees at all three locations are warm and caring individuals that really make an effort to make your dining experience an enjoyable one.   

Many of you may not know that Amanda worked part-time for Leucadia Pizzeria at their Rancho Santa Fe/ Fairbanks Ranch location. She absolutely loved working there because Jordan, the manager, and all the employees were outstanding, enjoyable individuals to be around.  She could hardly wait to go to work—quite a compliment from an employee to an employer.  

 Here are just some of the wonderful things Leucadia Pizzeria has done so far–they’ve had at least three separate “dining nights” where 20% of all proceeds (whether from take out, dining in or in-home delivery) for the entire day and night have been donated to Amanda’s scholarship fund—they’ve pooled tips and contributions from the employees and simply sent in a generous gift to Amanda’s scholarship fund from time to time—they’ve raised hundreds of dollars for Hilary and Sophie’s Rock N Roll Marathon run—just to name a few.  

The point is that Leucadia Pizzeria is an incredible restaurant and we urge you to please frequent Leucadia Pizzeria often. Oh, and if you know the Conovers, the next time you see them, or when you go into one of their restaurants, it would be great if you could just tell the Conovers, or the manager at whichever location you are dining, that you appreciate all the donations and support that Leucadia Pizzeria has given to the Amanda Post Memorial Scholarship Fund and all of their expressions of comfort and compassion they have given the Post family.  The Leucadia Pizzeria website is: www.LeucadiaPizzeria.com

Tom Sauer Video Productions specializes in sports recruitment videos, corporate events, weddings, and other special event projects.  Tom has been involved in many projects for the La Costa Canyon High School athletic department and St. John’s Catholic Elementary School.

Tom recently donated his time and expertise to capture highlights of the Amanda Post Scholarship presentation at the weekly North Coast Business Group breakfast.  Tom Sauer Video Productions is happy to lend support to such a worthy cause.  Tom firmly believes that any financial support given to such deserving young scholar athletes will be paid back many times over.

 Feel free to contact Tom at sauertt@hotmail.com or (760) 415-4316.