Fifth Annual Amanda’s Run

Fifth Annual Amanda’s Run” held on June 12, 2015 at Mission Estancia Elementary School in Carlsbad, California.

Amanda’s Run began five years ago when John Cotter (Amanda’s third grade teacher at Mission Estancia), working in conjunction with the principal, teachers and parents at the elementary school, dedicated the school’s track as the Amanda Post Memorial Track. Amanda’s signature race was the girls 800 meter, so the girls 800 meter race at Mission Estancia was dubbed as Amanda’s Run. Soon thereafter, however, the kids started referring to the entire year-end track meet as “Amanda’s Run”.

At the end of each school year the 6th grade boys and girls compete to run in the girls 800 meter, boys 800 meter, girls 1600 meter and boys 1600 meter race.  The top 6 runners in each event compete for medals and ribbons.

The Post family awards a medal for first place in each of the four races, and ribbons for second and third place in each race.  T shirts are also awarded to all of the runners.

Many of these runners go on to run track and cross country in high school, and then in college.

Fifth Annual Amanda’s Run