Amanda Post graduated with honors from Cathedral Catholic High School in June of 2010. Amanda was passionate about running, her favorite race being the girls 800 meter; and she truly excelled at it—winning the SD-CIF gold medal in the 800 meter and going on to the state championships in Fresno.

Amanda was so excited about starting college in the fall of 2010 and running for the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Mustangs on a track scholarship, but her dreams never came to pass.

On August 9, 2010, Amanda’s parents received the call that all parents dread above all others—the call informing them that on the return trip from a high altitude Olympic training camp at Mammoth Mountain, Amanda had perished in a terrible multi-car accident, along with her athletic trainer, and one of Amanda’s track teammates. Amanda’s assistant trainer survived suffering serious burns and losing a leg, and Amanda’s boy friend also miraculously survived despite being severely burned over 85% of his body.

To honor Amanda and all that she stood for the Post family decided to establish the Amanda Post Memorial Scholarship Fund to provide multi-year university scholarships and one-year grants to outstanding female student-athletes who, in their own lives, exemplified Amanda’s absolute joy for life, her passion for running, her commitment to God, and her continuous drive for academic and athletic excellence.

Our Mission

To honor the absolute joy and hilarity Amanda brought to the lives of everyone she met, her passion for running and her drive for academic excellence, we created the Amanda Post Foundation.  

The Foundation is a tax exempt 501c3 charitable organization (Tax i.d. # 47-2343539) dedicated to putting on charitable events to raise funds to provide multi-year scholarships and/or one-year grants to outstanding female student-athletes who:

1) are U.S. citizens,

2) are graduating with superior grades from high schools in San Diego County,

3) ran varsity track and/or cross country for their high school team,

4) will attend a four-year university in the fall

5) will be running for their university’s NCAA competitive track and/or cross country team while in college.

These scholarships and grants are highly sought after because there is a huge shortage in track and cross country scholarships across the nation, and with the costs of college constantly rising these scholarships and grants help both the student-athletes and their families.

Amanda Paige Post